The Sugar Industry Biotech Council provides science-based information regarding biotechnology and other technological advances in sugar beet and sugar cane crops. This image shows sugar beets that grow under ground.


Innovations in Sugar Beets – Key Benefits

The pulp and molasses from biotechnology-enhanced sugar beets are nutritionally equivalent to the pulp and molasses from conventionally improved sugar beets. Benefits of biotechnology-enhanced sugar beets include:

  • Lessening Impacts on the Environment
    The Roundup Ready® system in sugar beets requires fewer herbicide applications. Fewer trips across the field mean reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reduced soil erosion, reduced soil compaction and enhanced water conservation
  • Helping Farmers
    The technology found in Roundup Ready products addresses one of growers’ biggest and costliest problems – weed control. Roundup agricultural herbicides provide excellent control of a wide range of weeds, which improves productivity.
  • Environmental Assessment of Roundup Ready Sugar beet: A Case Study of Four Idaho Sugar Beet Fields, 2006 (181K PDF)
    Authors: Ronda E. Hirnyck and Don Morishita, University of Idaho
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