Statement by the Sugar Industry Biotech Council on the Supreme Court Biotech Alfalfa Decision

June 21, 2010

The U.S. Supreme Court, in its first decision involving biotech crops, overturned a lower court’s order that has prohibited farmers from planting biotech alfalfa in a 7-1 vote. This ruling could allow the U.S. Department of Agriculture to permit interim planting of the crop while it completes an environmental study.

We are pleased with this significant ruling and how it might inform the biotech sugar beet process as we prepare for the next phase of the biotech sugar beet court proceedings. The biotech alfalfa ruling focuses on and clarifies the process of biotech approvals. Importantly, the Supreme Court’s ruling on biotech alfalfa does not presume that an injunction on planting biotech crops would be automatically issued if a biotech approval is challenged.

The next biotech sugar beet hearing is scheduled for August 13, 2010.